BRITTEN WILDER Becomes an Author; Atlanta, Georgia


Britten Wilder never thought his own person frustration would one day educate, empower and uplift people around the world.  While Wilder received success in his career, his personal life was a different story.  Women were saying that it was hard to find a good man.  Wilder and so many frustrated men around the United States were saying the same thing.

Wilder took his own personal frustrations as well as the personal frustrations of both sexes and turned it into his first international best seller entitled,  Getting and Keeping your Mate Trained, Whipped, Faithful and on a Leash.  Before Wilder knew it, he found himself a guest on major talk shows around the world and a relationship coach for some of Hollywood and music biggest stars.

Wilder followed up his best seller with the following hits:

  • Is it Love or a Big Misunderstanding?
  • Understanding the Games Men Play (How to Think Like a Man)
  • Desperate Husbands
  • Men’s Most Thoughts, What Men Think but Dare to Reveal

...If you miss one bus, don't worry. A Mercedes is on the way. Who in their right mind wants to jump on another bus?

...Men, pay your child support. Parents, be there for your children. They are the people who will one day decide which nursing home to put you in.

...Newlyweds, make sure you are on the same sheet of music. He's thinking ‘Now that I have a wife, I won't have to work so hard'. She's thinking, ‘Thank the Lord for giving me a husband, now I can quit my job'.


...The secret of having a long-lasting relationship is to put God first, accept your differences, concentrate more on your similarities, keep the romance alive and have open honest communication about what you both want and need.

...You cannot change your past, but couples everywhere can change their future

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