Britten Wilder Captured the essence of the male ideology

Britten Wilder 52 of Atlanta Georgia

Men’s Most Intimate Thoughts by  

Britten Wilder 52 of Atlanta Georgia

unlock the male code of silence and reveals to women what men think, want and need.  Wilder answers such controversial questions as:


  • Why men can’t commit?
  • How long should a woman wait on a marriage proposal?
  • The 10 most popular lies men tell women
  • The 25 mistakes that keep women single


Britten Wilder, the author of the national bestseller Understanding the Games Men Play is back with a new novel, Desperate Husbands, which will set the country on its ear.


While researching his novel, the author secretly did a cross-racial survey among I,000 Atlanta, Georgia spouses between the ages of 21-50. Statistics and other information can be found on pages 183-186 and 338-343. During his research Britten Wilder discovered that:


60% of Atlanta spouses admitted they've cheated. (This includes emotional infidelity, a non-sexual relationship with a shared attraction or chemistry, or physically seeking the comfort of another person other than their mates.)


60% of Atlanta husbands openly admitted they got married because of threats, pressure, pregnancy, intimidation, withholding of sex, or the man thought it would make his partner happy.


68% of men complained that their wives were too sexually inhibited.


Two out of eight husbands surveyed admitted they are on the down-low or have experienced an alternative lifestyle.


Plus, the reader will find many more statistics that will blow the lid off today’s concepts of the modern marriage.  Desperate Husbands will push all your buttons.  Full of comedy and tragedy, and factual information, this novel will help the reader develop and rebuild a healthy, committed relationship as well as rekindle the passion and avoid the pitfalls of modern-day relationships.

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