Britten Wilder is selected as Ebony Magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelor

Britten Wilder

Britten Wilder, president of Capital Investment Group has been selected as one of Ebony Magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelors.  Wilder was tickled to death to receive such an honor.  In his spare time, the Atlanta, Georgia resident volunteers with a “Big Brother Program”.  He also started First Respect, Education and Employment (F.R.E.E), a program for troubled youth coming out of jail and prison.

Wilder also volunteers as a motivational speaker for abused women.  He desires a woman who is shapely, intelligent, supportive and marriage minded.



Britten Wilder Receives Writing Appointment as noted in the Pickens County Herald

Britten Wilder of Aliceville has been appointed as assistant writer for American Media, Atlanta’s largest black-owned communication firm.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilder of Aliceville and is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a degree in public relations and political science.

His job consists of writing for American Media syndicated radio and television programs which run across the country and interviewing such entertainers as Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Paul McCarthy.

Wilder is a former announcer for WRAG/WAQT radio station in Carrollton and is experienced in all facets of communications.  At the age of 24, Wilder is the youngest person in his company.

Wilder Features Singers

ATLANTA, GA – Britten Wilder, public relations/writer for American Media in Atlanta and native of Aliceville, Ala., will feature Gladys Knight and the Pips in the American Media show “In the Beginning.”

The show is being given in honor of the group’s 30th anniversary in the music business.  The show will be aired on American Media’s 300 affiliated radio stations natiuonw9ide and will span the entire career of the group.

Gladys Knight and the Pips are natives of Atlanta and during their careers have received nine gold singles, five gold albums, five Grammy awards and four American Music awards.


Wilder to have songs featured

Britten Wilder, PR/Writer for “American Media” in Atlanta, GA has written songs which will be featured in the upcoming album of recording artist Ray Parker, Jr.  The album is scheduled to be released in the summer of 1984.  Wilder is a former Pickens Countian and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilder of Aliceville.

Parker made the announcement of Wilder’s selection while in Atlanta recently for a “Drug Prevention” program sponsored by American Media.  The announcement was made in a celebration held in Parker’s honor at the estate of entertainer Hamilton Bohannon.

Parker has dominated the rhythm and blues charts with his latest release, “I Can’t Get Over Loving You.”  During his career, he has recorded 23 hit singles, six gold albums and five platinums.

Childhood Dreams Fade to Career – printed in the Commercial Dispatch, Columbus, MS

At 24, Britten Wilder III is the youngest person employed at American Media Services – Atlanta’s largest black-owned communications firm.  And while his childhood dreams of becoming a star have faded, he is now satisfied with what to him is the next best thing – just working with big names in the entertainment business.

Born June 2, 1959, in Aliceville, Ala., to Thomas and Amy Wilder, Wilder claims his dreams of becoming a star began early.  “As a child, my idol was James Brown.  I tried to dress, dance and sing like him,” Wilder said.

Wilder’s admiration for Brown continued into his early teen years when his dreams expanded to one day forming his own band and performing before millions of screaming fans.  The dream of forming his own band became reality in high school when he organized a band called The Soul Rockers, which later disbanded when the disco craze moved other forms of music, including soul, to the back burner.  After his brief career as an entertainer himself, Wilder moved on to another aspect of the business:  radio.  The story of his move follows.

“I was projectionist at the Hook Theater in Aliceville.  One day, I was showing the Sunday movie, and I brought my girlfriend along.  We were talking and the film broke, but I didn’t know it.  “The film had been off about five minutes when the owner, Mr. (Roth) Hook, knocked on the door.  I was thinking, I’m going to get fired.  To make matters worse, in front of my girlfriend,” he said.

“But instead of firing me, he offered me a position at WRAG Radio Station as a disc jockey.”  At that time Wilder admitted, the only think he knew about radio was that music came from it.  But Wilder quickly familiarized himself with the business, took the name “Mr. T” for Mr. Together, and made a name for himself over the airwaves.  He was backed in two nightclubs in the area called “Mr. T’s.”  Although both nightclubs had successful beginnings, Wilder said mismanagement forced them to close.

In another career move, Wilder moved to Atlanta where he took a management position with a company, but the love of the entertainment world never left him completely and when a want ad appeared in an Atlanta newspaper for a public relations writer, he took action.

The subsequent interview for the job at American Media Services will be one Wilder will always remember.  It was on that day he was initiated into the business – the hard way.

“When I went to be interviewed, the vice president of the company told me the interview would be brief because she had an appointment with “Telly.”  I didn’t know who Telly was.  Then a few minutes later Telly walks in – Telly Savalas – as in Kojak!” Wilder said he was told if he accepted the position, he would be writing Savalas’ show “Crimebusters.”  “After gathering my composure, I accepted the job,” Wilder said.

Savalas was only the first of many big-name stars Wilder would meet. American Media Services interviews and promotes such top-name performers as Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Diana Ross and Ray Parker Jr., along with writing the nationally syndicated show “Coast to Coast Top 20” which is heard on more than 300 radio stations throughout the country.

Wilder said the most fascinating interview he had conducted was with Michael Jackson – an interview that taught Wilder the true meaning of success and stardom and showed him that being a star is not all glitter and glamour.  In that interview Jackson told Wilder, “If I could find someone who loves me for me, I would gladly give up everything I have.”  He also explained to Wilder some of the problems he faces as probably the most popular pop entertainer of this decade.

“He can’t go out without being mobbed.  He is faced with ugly rumors, is constantly being guarded 24 hours a day, and there are too many people depending on him,” Wilder said.  But the statement that really hit home with Wilder was Jackson’s confession of a fear that almost every top name performer faces – being popular as long as the records are selling.  “Fans are fickle.  If he goes down, he goes down alone,” Wilder said.

“When Michael told me that, I started to think.  This is Michael Jackson—the most popular entertainer in the world saying that being rich and popular is not what it’s cracked up to be,” Wilder said.

Jackson’s statements taught Wilder a valuable lesson and were instrumental in changing his attitude about becoming a star.  “I once wanted to be a star, but not I’m satisfied with being around and just handling the stars,” he said with a laugh.


Wilder appointed Assistant Writer

Britten Wilder III has been appointed as Assistant writer at American Media, Atlanta, GA’s largest black-owned communications firm.

Wilder is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a degree in public relations and a minor is pre-law.  He is the son of Thomas and Amy Wilder Sr., of Aliceville, AL.

Wilder’s job consists of writing for a syndicated media program plus interviewing entertainers for the program.

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