Britten Wilder of Atlanta Georgia Speeches

Britten Wilder 52 of Atlanta Georgia

No one creates excitement, empower, inform or uplift trouble couples like author/relationship coach Britten Wilder.

Wilder’s popular and exciting topics include:  Looking for Chocolate.  With the shortage of available Black men, should Black women expand their dating pool to include men of other nationalities?  Should you reveal an unknown infidelity?  Will the truth set you free or set you up?


Britten Wilder’s Bringing Love and Commitment Back Relationship Seminar

  • Eye-opening, controversial and mind blowing statistics taken from American husbands based on a 3 year study


  • How to give him the ultimate oral sex by using the vowels A,E,I,O,U and sometimes Y and W (Chapter 25, page 1125.  For television author will illustrate).


  • Always a bridesmaid, but men honestly reveal why you’re not a bride.


  • Why men cheat when they have a good woman at home.


  • How long should a woman wait on a marriage proposal?


  • Is infidelity limited to just sex?


  • Is there ever a good reason to cheat?


  • Your mate is disabled.


  • You don't want a divorce.


  • They withhold sex because they are angry.


  • Should you reveal an unknown infidelity or hold your peace forever?


  • Top five places men go to cheat.


  • Should you fulfill all your mate's fantasies, even if it includes a menage a trios or wife swapping?


  • What do you do when ‘getting his freak on' is turning you off?


  • Is chivalry dead?


  • Why romance stops after marriage.


  • He's cheating if...


  • He's thinking of divorce if…


  • What makes a man fall in love? (Based on a national survey)


  • Plastic surgery...should you go under the knife to please your man?


The top five things that drive husbands crazy. (Based on a national survey)



  • What men wish their mate’s knew about getting, keeping and pleasing them.


  • How to be sexy, fabulous and keep your mate interested after your 40’s and 50’s.


  • Should you tell your mate if they’re lousy in bed?


  • How to soothe his fragile ego when you bring home the bacon and he only brings home a few beans.


  • How to have a sordid affair with your mate.


  • You are ready for a wedding, but are you prepared to be a wife?


  • You are ready for a wife, but are you prepared to be a husband?


  • Should you date your ex's best friend?


  • Multiple divorces? Are they a safe gamble?


  • Does too much success equal a successful match?


  • If you have one homosexual experience, does it make you gay?


  • What to do when the Pastor makes a pass.


  • Should couples take separate vacations, or live in separate residences?


  • Sexual relief for the single, man-less and saved.


  • What to do when she's too holy to be a wife.


  • The top ten lies men tell women.


  • Is love really enough?


  • Is he husband material?


  • Should a woman propose to a man?


  • Prenuptial Agreements? If you trust them with your heart, shouldn't you trust them with your money?


  • Should she pay alimony?
  • Does ‘standing by your man’ or ‘for better or worse’ include prison?


  • Should a married woman keep her last name?


  • How to know when it's time for a divorce.


  • Getting your groove back...How to get married after 40.


  • Should he be strong or be sensitive...It's up to you.


  • Could your soul mate exist in another race or religion?


  • Why we always want the people that don't want up.


  • Advise your mother didn't know, or forgot to tell you about getting, keeping and pleasing a man.


  • The High Maintenance look...are you too sexy for yourself?


  • Renewing your wedding vows...getting the best instead of the worst out of your marriage.


  • If you had to, would you marry your mate all over again?


  • How to program you son to, one day, be a husband, but most of all, how to be a man.


  • Has President Obama's election set up unrealistic expectations for African American men?


  • Has Michelle Obama changed the stereotype or raised the bar for African American women?


  • When is it time to call it quits?


  • Can the mate of your dreams exist in another race?


  • You know he's having a mid-life crisis when....?


The desperate husbands rule of surviving that men never want women to know. Check out chapter 63, page 264-265 of Desperate Husbands for the rules, and also check out prior TV interviews on Britten Wilder's website, www.BrittenWilder.corn

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